Turn your Fleet into a SuperFleet

Power your fleet with a smart fleet management solution and improve your fleet's productivity and profitability.

Gain visibility into fleet operations

Make the best use of your assets by efficiently managing your fleet operations. Easily schedule and assign loads to drivers, while gaining visibility into which assets are being underutilized. Adjust trip schedules accordingly to maximize vehicle utlization.


Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Manage all crucial aspects of your fleet maintenance in a few clicks. Maintain a detailed service history for each vehicle and set smart reminders to replace tyres, batteries and other consumables based on utilization reports to improve your fleet productivity.


Increase Fleet Profitability

Get a full picture of your fleet’s financial health using smart reporting and uncover cost-saving opportunities to ensure that your assets remain profitable. Track all the necessary financial transactions in real-time to make informed business decisions and stay ahead of your competition.


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Your business is in safe hands

Tailored to suit your business

You do not get a one-size-fits-all complex solution. All you need is a simple solution with a layer of customization to ensure that our product serves exactly what your business needs to get the right results.

Smooth onboarding to ensure business continuity

Transferring all your historic data into the FMS is not a hassle anymore. We assist your team in moving all your data into the FMS and provide the necessary training so that your team can pick up from they left off.


24/7 - 7 Star Customer Service

Our exceptional customer success team will work closely with your employees and respond to all queries at lightning speed so that they can make best use of our product and improve your business.